Richard Detmer
Apex father
Richard talking to Andrew
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Apex father

Richard Detmer is Andrew Detmer's abusive father and the secondary antagonist. He has been an alcoholic since he lost his job as a firefighter. He was verbally and physically abusive to Andrew, contributing to the latter's psychopathy. His wife had cancer and he seems to somewhat care for her. She is all he really loves. In the movie he teases and beats Andrew (presumably out of alcohol-induced jealousy for his wife giving more love and attention towards Andrew than him). When Andrew gets powers he uses them on his dad one day, who tries to abuse Andrew out of jealousy for trying to independently find his own happiness by attending a talent show and a party, to a point Richard calls Andrew a "loser." Even though Richard was overpowered, rather than showing respect for the superpowered Andrew, it made him more viciously jealous of Andrew for being a more powerful being than him. Then Andrew takes a gas mask and fireman suit and calls himself The Apex Predator and robs people. Andrew is suddenly in the hospital and Richard is called down. He says to Andrew that he spent all day looking for Andrew one day to follow him and when he got home his wife was dead. He blamed Andrew for her death and tried to hit Andrew while he was in bed once again out of his warped jealousy of his son for altogether being loved more by his wife (who died without what Richard thinks to be not showing any love towards him), his powers and his overall mere existence, but Andrew stopped the attack. He blew up the hospital room and threw Richard off the building but Matt saved Richard's life.

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